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What is CT Comedy for Cash?

  • CT Comedy for Cash is a Connecticut LLC specializing in comedy night fundraising. We teach and coach our clients multifaceted income opportunities while providing outstanding service along with a great show. 

​What type of comedy shows do you provide?

  • We provide a professional 3 comic performance - including a host and show runner,  a headliner with national TV credits and a featured act in an hour and thirty minute show. 

  • We have a never-ending network of talented comics that we customize a booking based on our talent rating system after we consult and discuss it with you.     

​Where can we host the event?

  • Almost anywhere indoors. We've done shows in theaters, halls, restaurants, catering and banquet facilities, nightclubs  churches, synagogues, yacht clubs, schools, golf courses, clubs, breweries and firehouses, We recommend a venue with a seating capacity starting with at least 100 seats and up.  

What type of events will we raise money for?

  • Any worthy cause, charity, legitimate group or organization. We have done everything from raising money for high school sports teams to helping people pay for medical bills to PTA events, church groups, synagogues, police organizations and many-many more.  If it's important to you, we'll make it important to us.

How much time do I need to organize and promote a successful fundraiser?

  • We suggest a minimum of 5-6 weeks. Although the longer time you have before the event the better. Two-three months in advance is wonderful and we have clients who rebook a year in advance after a successful show. 

How many tickets do we have to sell to have a successful fundraiser?

  • You could start making money with only 50 people in attendance. So think about your opportunities if you have 100, 200, 300 or more. Of course the more people at the event, the more income and money opportunities for you.

What is the average amount raised when using CT Comedy for Cash?

  • After expenses, the average amount raised has been $6000.

What else does CT Comedy for Cash provide to help pull-off a successful  event?

  • We will provide you with numerous insightful, unique and creative ideas to assist you in your fundraising.

  • We will provide an electronic flyer customized for your event for your digital and hard copy use.

  • We will provide a high-energy and informative pep rally for your fundraising team.

  • We will provide you with a ticket for your event

  • We will put you on our Comedy for Cash website.

  • Use of the CT Comedy for Cash name and logo.

  • We will provide you with a written production sheet on the night of the show so we are all on the same page.

Does CT Comedy for Cash promote our show?

When will we receive the ticket and flyer for the show?

  • A pdf file with the ticket and flyer will be provided soon after the deposit is received.

What are you responsible for taking care of in preparation for the event?

  • Everything will be explained in detail in our one on one consultation.  

Are you able to provide a clean comedy show?

  • Yes, we can provide any type of show from squeaky clean to adult.  We can accommodate any rating your comfortable with. It's based on your request.

What is the benefit of using CT Comedy for Cash over other types of fundraisers?

  • Brad Axelrod and his team have been in the comedy business, combined, for over 50 years.  Brad created, managed, and promoted Connecticut's original and oldest full-time Comedy Club, the Treehouse. Since 1983 and he has garnered a reputation for delivering on every level.  Brad and his team will personally assist you and your group, and will help oversee your event.  

Do I need to provide a deposit for the show?

  • Yes, a $500 deposit will be required upon booking. We will provide you with a written agreement supporting all of our promises and to hold the date of your event.  Upon the return of the signed agreement is when the deposit is usually due. 

What happens if it snows? 

  • Keep in mind if it snows and your people can't travel then we can't get talent to your event. So we are all on the same page if it snows. Your show can be rescheduled on a mutually agreed upon date and we will continue to hold the deposit during the rescheduling process. If a show is cancelled for poor fundraising sales the deposit is non-refundable.  

How do I begin?

  • Fill out the short application form on the "One Step Closer to Booking" page and we will contact you shortly. Or, call Brad directly at the number below.  Feel comfortable in leaving a voicemail if he can't pick up your call immediately. 

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